2D Heterostructure Transfer System

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2D Transfer systems for the fabrication of high quality 2D crystal heterostructures (We also offer now fully motorized transfer systems and upgraded manual transfer systems)

  • The manual and fully motorized transfer systems contain all the required elements for the fabrication of a high quality 2D heterostructure and also twisted graphene (manual rotation stage with 0.015 degrees resolution): A high resolution optical microscope with CCD camera, mechanical stage, vacuum chuck which can be heated up to 200C with 0.1C accuracy.
  • Currently we offer manual transfer systems with darkfield / brightfield as well as only brightfield microscopes.
  • The compact design of our systems allow for easy placement inside a glove box, providing the option to work with air sensitive materials.
  • Designed and assembled at HQ Graphene.
  • 1-year guarantee.


The transfer systems are designed to accurately place a stamp on a substrate, which can be moved relative to each other not only in the x-, y- and z-directions, but also by tilting and rotating. This allows the highest degree of freedom in the alignment of crystal flakes when fabricating heterostructures. The substrate is fixated with vacuum and can be heated during the process.


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