MnPSe3 is an antiferromagnetic semiconductor 2D material having a Néel temperature of ~70K. The layers are stacked together via van der Waals interactions and can be exfoliated into thin 2D layers. To buy MnPSe3 crystals please click here.

The MnPSe3 crystals produced at HQ Graphene have a typical lateral size of ~0.6cm, hexagonal shaped and have a metallic purple appearance. More information about the MnPSe3 crystals we sell can be found below.

MnPSe3 crystal properties
Crystal size ~5-7 mm
Electrical properties Antiferromagnetic semiconductor
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Unit cell parameters a = b = 0.640 nm, c = 2.00 nm, α = β = 90°, γ = 120°
Type Synthetic
Purity >99.995 %
Characterized by XRD, EDX
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The single crystal MnPSe3 is characterized using:

XRD: single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction (D8 Venture Bruker and D8 Advance Bruker)
EDX: Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy for stoichiometric analysis

XRD and EDX on MnPSe3:

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Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) of a single crystal MnPSe3. X-ray diffraction was performed at room temperature using a D8 Venture Bruker.

Stoichiometric analysis of a single crystal MnPSe3 by Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX).

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