Polymer for fast production of 2D heterostructures (2D_CL_PC)

polymer 2D_CL_PC heterostructure The polymer solution 2D_CL_PC has been developed by our scientists for the fast production of high quality two dimensional heterostructures. Of all the polymers that were tested, 2D_CL_PC is found to give the most reproducible results. Also, the method for using this polymer is very simple which allows our clients to produce the first successful heterostructures rapidly after receiving this product. The instructions for using this polymer have been published by one of our scientists in a peer reviewed publication (click here)

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Device at left side: Fabrication of a high mobiltity bilayer graphene. This field effect transistor is fabricated using the polymer 2D_CL_PC. The device is composed out of four 2D layers. The bilayer graphene is encapsulated between two hexagonal boron nitride crystals (h-BN). The fourth layer is a thin layer of graphite (HOPG) which is used as a backgate. Scale bar is 20μm. Device at right side: This device is similar to the one at the left side, here we added on the top hexagonal boron nitride layer a gold electrode in order to apply a top gate voltage to the hBN encapsulated bilayer graphene. Scale bar is 20μm

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Polymer for fast production of 2D heterostructures (2D_CL_PC)

1. P. J. Zomer et al. "Fast pick up technique for high quality heterostructures of bilayer graphene and hexagonal boron nitride ", Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 013101 (2016), link to article:


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