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Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before using the services or buying products provided by hq graphene. By using the services or buying products from hq graphene you agree to the following terms and conditions.


"Seller" means the company hq graphene, registered in The Netherlands under KVK 84852437. "Customer" means the person buying product(s) or using services from the company hq graphene (Seller).


The price of a product is excluding tax, shipment costs, transaction costs and shipping insurance. International taxes and custom duties are the responsibility of the Client and not the Seller. The validity of a quotation is 30 days. Prices on this website are subject to change without notice.


Payment is by bank transfer or credit card in Euros (€). The transaction fee by bank transfer is different than the transaction fee by credit card payment. We do not accept checks.

Product usage

The products sold are for research and development use only. Not for drug, household or other uses. The Customer should familiarize him- or herself with the MSDS sheet considering the product in question. The Seller provides the MSDS sheet to the Customer by email in the situation of a request by the Customer for the MSDS sheet. The handling safety instructions are described on the sample storage box/bottle of the product and should be followed at all times. Detailed handling safety instructions can be found in the MSDS sheet. The Seller cannot be held responsible for improper or irresponsible use by the Customer of any sold product.


The Seller warrants that the products shipped to the Customer are conform to the Seller's specification only when handled in accordance with the Seller's specifications. Warranties provided by the Seller are no longer applicable when the Customer sells or gives the product to third parties.


Unopened items in their original packaging and in good condition are accepted for return. Unauthorized returns may be refused or disregarded. Items for return should be shipped back within two (2) weeks after receipt of shipment by the Customer. Customers returning an unopened item that is in its original packing and in good condition will receive a full refund. Here, the Customer pays the needed shipping costs and shipping insurance. The Seller is not responsible for lost and/or damaged returns and therefore we recommend the Customer to send the product to be returned to the Seller via a reliable carrier.


The Seller holds copyright to all content displayed on the website and to any information, including graphics and text, provided to the Customer by any means.


The Seller excludes all liability for damage or costs caused by or as a consequence to any sold product or provided service to the extent permitted by law. The Seller also disclaims liability for products sold or given to third parties.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law. Any dispute that may arise between the Seller and the Customer shall be settled under Dutch jurisdiction.


HQ Graphene is a company registered in The Netherlands, Europe under the number KVK 84852437.


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